Sate your appetite for tasty local food at farm gates, markets & events, dining out, or with an intimate cooking experience.


Sapphire Coast NSW - The FilmWe had a lot of fun making this video, we hope you enjoy watching it! (3:04) #sapphirecoast #newsouthwales #seeaustralia Visit NSW #whaleonPosted by Sapphire Coast NSW on Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Cooking Experiences

Novelist Franz Kafka once wrote that as long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being.

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Market Calendar

Meet the growers, makers and creators.
There’s no better way to become a locavore than by finding a market.

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Oyster Trail – Sapphire Coast Region

Love oysters? The Sydney Rock Oyster is famous for a unique blend of salt and cream, a lingering flavour that carries the scent of the pristine environments in which it grew. Take the Oyster Trail between Bermagui to Wonboyn Lake to meet the growers at farm gates, restaurants and out on the water. Drive at your own pace, include village stops or… view

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Oysters and Seafood Experiences

This is the place, the ‘meeting of the waters’, where two great ocean currents collide. The two systems – one from the Equator and one from Antartica – create a superhighway for thousands of species of marine life. And we are the winners. Pristine Sapphire Coast oysters and seafood!

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There’s something really honest about eating food that’s grown locally. Tomatoes taste like tomatoes, the silk of extra virgin olive oil adds that special zing to home-cooked food and apples carry the crisp scent and flavour of autumn’s crispy chill with them.

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Seafood Experiences

Oysters are only one part of the story when it comes to sensational seafood.

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